Neo7-deRust is the newest technology in rust removal. no longer are strong caustics or acid chemicals needed to remove rust.  This product is based on Organic chemicals. 

Neo7-deRust is non aggressive and will remove deep rust on all types of mild steel and iron. it is safe on all surfaces and will not harm copper, brass, aluminium and most other types of metals.

Neo7-deRust is non toxic, non corrosive and biodegradable.

Neo7-deRust is very efficient, economical and safe to use on parts. the product is user-friendly reducing the amount of hazardous chemicals your employees will be in contact with.

Neo7-deRust is ideal for many different industries including: agriculture, injection moulding, machining, paint/pre-treatment, automotive and many more.


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A Test Case

Applications Of This Product
Removing rust from iron and steel.

Removing rust from mixed metal assemblies 




  • pH neutral

  • no strong acids or alkalines.

  • A concentrated biodegradable formula that is safe on virtually all surfaces.  

  • The latest technology removes deep rust from all mild steel and iron surfaces. 

  • Although no detrimental effects were identified during trials, tests should be carried out on mixed metal components, copper, brass, aluminum excepted. 

  • As this is Environ-friendly it can be disposed of into waste water/ foul sewer after its life is exhausted.

  • Depending on the application Neo7-deRust concentrated can be diluted in ratios of 1 : 4 or 1 : 10.  

  • More details in the product overview.


Neo7- deRust de-rusting tank kit

1 x 25 litre tank & Lid

1 litre Neo7-deRust concentrate

1 x pack of 3 brushes

1 x 34oC - 55watt Thermo-Heater


N7DRKT Neo7- deRust de-rusting kit 49.81
N7DR1 Neo7- deRust Rust Remover 1 litre concentrate 13.75
Not Hazardous
N7DR5 Neo7- deRust Rust Remover 5 litres concentrate 60.19
Not Hazardous