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Black Oxide Kits

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Product Description


A “Cold” Black Oxide Solution (similar to Parkerizing) developed with the Hobbyist and Small Production Shop in mind brought to you through years of research and
experience in the metal finishing industry. Safely produces a firmly adherent black oxide coating on steel surfaces as an alternative to the hot caustic processes. 

Treated components are protected against corrosion for up to 9 months internal storage and up to 3 months outdoor storage through the application of the De-watering
sealing oil.  Further protection can be effected by an intermittent application of  SD Seal or by periodically using a silicone wax or gun oil over the treated article.

This is no different to cleaning a gun, motorcycle or machine item and oiling it to maintain its efficiency. 
This process does not contain cyanides or organic complexants.  The coating is integral with the steel surface with no dimensional change.  It is ideal for the small or large volume user alike. Parameters are the same for treating one screw or one hundred thousand screws.  Safely and easily produces a rich black oxide coating on all types of Steel and Cast Iron except Stainless Steel.  

Hardened and High Carbon Steels can be treated without loss of strength or embrittlement.   The 4-litre SD Cold-Ox kit will cover at over 4 square metres per litre of concentrate or 36 square feet.  Dilute with tap water to make 4 times the volume of the concentrated solution.  

Kits contains all necessary chemicals for the job.  Please note the dilutions.  “Klene-OX ” Degreasing/ Cleaning Solution (use as is) – “Cond-OX” Metal Conditioner (dilute to 10% solution)– “Cold-OX” Black Oxide Solution (Dilute 25% solution) – “Seal-” Protective Sealer (use as is) – Instructions and 4 plastic containers.
Our Black Oxide kits are a submersion product, this gives an even coverage using this method, however on larger items it is possible to apply by hand using a brush, sponge or atomiser, call us on 01252 560515 and we can give guidance on how to do this.


If you would like your black oxidising carried out for you, we are able to offer a service for production runs, dipping of large items, and hand applications, call or email for more information. 



1 Litre Kit 4 Litre Kit 20 Litre Kit
250ml SD KLENE-OX 4 x 6 Litre Buckets With Lids 4 x 25 Litre Buckets With Lids
125ml SD COND-OX 1 Litre SD KLENE-OX 5 Litre SD KLENE-OX
250ml SD COLD-OX 500ml SD COND-OX 2.5 Litre COND-OX
250ml SD SEAL-OX 1 Litre SD COLD-OX 5 Litre SD COLD-OX
  1 Litre SD SEAL-OX 5 Litre SD SEAL-OX
SD KLENE-OX 1 Litre (makes up to 1.5 Litres)  
SD KLENE-OX5 5 Litres (makes up to 7.5 Litres)  
SD COND-OX 500ml (makes up to 10 Litres)  
SD COND-OX25 2.5 Litres (makes up to 25 Litres)  
SD COLD-OX250 250ml (makes up to 1 Litre)  
SD COLD-OX1 1 Litre (makes up to 4 Litres)  
SD COLD-OX5 5 Litres (makes up to 20 Litres)  
SD SEAL-OX250 250ml   
SD SEAL-OX1 1 Litre  
SD SEAL-OX5 5 Litres


Black Oxide Video Caswell Europe 02:42

Step by Step Instructions for Working with Our Black Oxide Kits

  • Black Oxide Vi...
    Step by Step Instructions for Working with Our Black Oxide Kits

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  1. Cold Ox

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jun 2017

    Works absolutely fine.

  2. Not as good as expected.

    Posted by Brian Duncan on 23rd Mar 2017

    The product certainly turns steel darker, but more of a dark blue than a black (which is what I wanted). However it should be noted that this comment is based on one trial only. I plan to repeat this again in the near future. If a similar outcome transpires then contact will be made with the supplier to ascertain why.

  3. Top quality

    Posted by Owen on 22nd Feb 2017

    The cold blackoxide kit is really easy to use and the finish qualiity was industry standard, I am very happy with the kit.

  4. Works Better than expected!

    Posted by Rob on 10th Oct 2016

    I purchased the black oxide kit to try on some steel brackets for an old house, having experience of anodising I wasn't expecting too much from this kit being a cold oxide, however I was pleasantly surprised, the process is very simple and produces a fantastic blacksmith black. The surface is easy to scratch, similar to a painted finish, however it looks much better than paint, much more natural. Im sure they will age fantastically. Buy a bigger kit than you think, the smaller kits are a pain to suspend parts in, especially if they are odd shapes, such as mine, you need to be ingenious. Highly recommended.

  5. Works well but struggling to get consistency

    Posted by Neil Hussey on 1st Sep 2015

    I've had a couple of good results from this kit but a couple where it didn't take as well in parts. I've noticed that unless the part is scrupulously clean it doesn't take as well, might just be me though!! Quick delivery and great communications, would buy other products from here.

  6. Kit, good enough. Customer Service, excellent.

    Posted by Jim on 27th May 2015

    I bought this kit as a possible alternative to a zinc-plating kit for components for a Classic Car rebuild. I've only tried it out on some small screws and brackets but it does a nice job and looks good. I also had cause to call and double-check some of the instructions and the help I got was fantastic. On this, alone, if the rust-prevention of this kit isn't good enough I'd look here first for a suitable electroplating kit.

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