Aluminium Anodizing Kits

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Aluminium Anodizing Kits

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Our Anodising Kit provides a professional finish to aluminium, It is Ideal for small objects such as vehicle parts, motorcycle parts, boating accessories, electrical components, or decorative items. It contains everything you need to Anodise to a high standard on a regular basis. This is a professional kit, that cannot be compared to the cheaper kits on the market today, and has been tried and tested by individuals, small companies, School, Colleges and Universities across Europe for more than 20 years.

If you require a larger kit, or would like to upgrade your kit at a later date, simply call or email us, and we can supply larger tanks and quantities of consumables at a sensible price.



Using a sulphuric acid process, most grades of aluminium can be anodised. This process is best suited to sheet metal applications, however aluminium castings can also be treated very successfully. 

During the process, a thin film of oxide is formed over the aluminium. This is actually grown out of the metal, and is a part of the original piece, unlike a plated surface, which is likely to peel from the substrate. This film is ALUMINIUM OXIDE, a very hard protective layer. Because this layer is so hard and corrosion resistant, it makes it the ideal and often preferred choice for the restorer of vehicles with aluminium trim etc.

At this stage of the process the film has microscopic pores which have to be sealed by dipping the part into Caswell Anodise Sealant The part may be coloured prior to Sealing by simply soaking in an Anodise Dye which are specifically made for the purpose. An almost infinite range of colours can be produced. The anodise layer is formed at the rate of 0.0001" per 7 minutes. A twenty-minute rate is ideal for most applications.

Due to the hardness of the Anodise finish, it is ideal for areas where scratching from road grit etc. is likely to pose a problem. It can be considered permanent if the part is buffed and polished before the treatment is carried out. The finish can be made to look like a chrome plate, and no further buffing or polishing will be required.


We have a large range of anodising dyes please click here to see the colours


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