Aluminium Blackener Solution

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Product Overview


 Our Aluminium Blackener is a cold application product, so can be applied at Room Temperature, with no special equipment, Control Procedures, Heating or Ventilation, It can be used as a Spray on product straight on the Aluminium that has been cleaned and prepared, or it can be mixed with 4 Parts Distilled Water, and used as a Submersion or Dipping Product.

The Black finishes are of negligible thickness, therefore they produce no dimensional changes on the finished part. You can produce a variation in colour, from a rich Pewter grey to a deep Black by adjusting dilution rates, and and the amount of time it is rubbed on or submersed, the finished can sealed with With Our Clear or Black Beeswax for an Aged Industrial Look, Caswell Sealer or Clear Coat Lacquers for a more modern look.

It can also be used to Blacken Castings that cannot be Anodised, and can also be used as a touch-up on Black Anodised Parts that have been scratched or Damaged

It is crucial that during application the room temperature is not less than 27°C


It is important to clean the aluminum before any coloring operation.  Ensure that all oils,waxes, flux remnants, mold release agents, and oxides are removed from the metal surface. The best method of cleaning most materials is to use our Aluminium De-Oxidizer & De Smut or Our New Aluminium Cleaner. All Aluminium carries a transparent, natural oxide that must be removed prior to blackening, When the metal is thoroughly clean water will “sheet” or cover the whole surface rather than bead up.  Rinse the metal well and dry thoroughly.  From here on, handle the work only by the edges.  Apply blackening solution within 30 minutes. The solutions made by Caswell are ready to use and formulated to be applied at room temperature. The method of application depends on the size and shape of the work.  

After you have the desired effect, seal the black into the metal, Use Clear or Black Beeswax for an Aged Industrial Look, Caswell Sealer or Clear Coat Lacquers f.

Immersion into the blackening solution. Allow to react until desired finish is achieved. 

Brushing the blackener on using brushes, sponges, wads of cheesecloth, and other improvised tools to dab solution onto the metal.

Spray the blackening solution. Be sure to clean the spray components after use as any metal components will be attacked by the solution. WARNING!! Avoid inhalation of the mist.

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Below is a short Picture gallery for process when applying by Hand


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