Aluminium Blackening Gel Kit

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Aluminium Blackening Gel Kit


This kit comprises of our Aluminium Cleaner for preparing the metal, our Aluminium Blackener Gel for staining the metal, together with our Patina Wax to seal in the Patina, In order to stop it wearing off also included Full Instructions on how to use, easy to apply on small parts and larger panels. The advantage of using Gel is that if you have to apply on the underside of a work piece there is no run of, making it more economical with less wastage

The black effect becomes part of the Aluminium Surface, unlike paint which sits on top of the Surface.  This product will also offer excellent corrosion resistance

This Kit is available in 2 Sizes

1 Litre Kit = 1 Litres of Aluminium Blackener, I Litres Of Aluminium Cleaner, 0.5kg of Patina Wax and 3 Scotchbrite Pads

5 Litre Kit = 5 Litres of Aluminium Blackener, 5 Litres Of Aluminium Cleaner, 1 Kg of Patina Wax and 6 Scotchbrite  Pads


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