Black Chrome

Black Chrome is achieved by using after plating a new Nickel or copper Surface, if you want to blacken and existing Chrome surface, you will need to remove the old chrome, and start again

Black Chrome

  • Black Chrome Plating Kit

    BLACK KROME PLATING KIT FOR PLATING OVER NICKEL AND COPPER PLATING This spectacular product will add style and elegance to many products. This is an ideal product for use on vehicle trim, guns, musical instruments and fishing lures, etc. The system will...

  • Plug N Plate Black Chrome Plating Kit

      PLUG N PLATE BLACK CHROME PLATING KIT PLATES ON TO POT METAL, STEEL, NICKEL, POT METAL, COPPER, BRASS and TIN Plug N' Plate has so many uses, not only for Plating small objects, but also can be used to repair Damaged area of plating, or even...