Chrome Plating
  • Acid Mist Control Balls

    ACID MIST CONTROL BALLS Due to the high current usage during chrome plating, a mist of acid is produced from the tank. This can become a nuisance due to the corrosive nature of the product and its yellow stain. The Complete Plating Manual shows how to...

  • Aluminium Oxide and Smut Remover

    ALUMINIUM OXIDE and SMUT REMOVER (ideal for Japanese Motorcycle Engine Casings) Hand Application Ideal for removing oxides and smut that build up on Aluminium over a period of time, This product is especially useful on certain types of alloys found on...

  • Chrome Plating Brightener (115ml)

         REPROCHROME BRIGHTENER      Ever wondered how some people get that really bright Chrome      finish, well here is the solution to that question       Add 250ml of REPROCHROME®...

  • Copper Brightener (Part A and B)

    COPPER BRIGHTENER Make your Copper Plating Shine, please select if you need A and B, or both as these are sold separately Part A Treat 5.6 Litres. Add when making up copper solution for the first time. Part B Add 9ml Copper Brightener Part B per 5.6...

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  • Copy Cad and Zinc Concentrate Part A & B

    Mix 360 grams of part A with 36 ounces of Copy Cad/Zinc Part B and 5.5 Litres of distilled water. Refer To Manual For Complete Instructions. SHIPPING INFORMATION Please note that our shipping prices are a higher than it would cost to send a normal parcel...