Clear Ethanol Proof Fuel Tank Sealer Kit for tanks up to 15 Litres

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Clear Ethanol Proof Fuel Tank Sealer Kit for tanks up to 15 Litres



The only truly Ethanol proof fuel tanks sealer is now available in Mini Kits for fuel tanks that hold up to 15 Litres of fuel, ideal for MX, Enduro and Trials Motorcycles but can also be used on Microlights, Mowers and just about anything that has a fuel tank problem

The amount of Ethanol in fuel now is causing a problem in older Metal fuel tanks and a bigger problem in Fibreglass and Plastic fuel tanks making them porous, this problem will only get worst as the volume of Ethanol added increases in order to make Petrol more Enviromentally Friendly.

Using our Fuel Tanks Sealer will create a solid seal within the fuel tank, and make it Ethanol proof permananently, If your Metal fuel tank has had a tank seal fitted previously, this would need to be removed before applying the new sealer, most Kreem and POR15 sealers will fail, sometimes very quickly, so we have developed a Products that will remove these products.

This product works on Vapour and Liquid, so 1 Litre is enough to clear the old sealants from the largest fuel tanks  

If you need a Fuel Tank Seal Remover then please CLICK HERE>>>, and this will take you straight to the product, were you can add to cart. You may also find that you fuel tank is rusty, and you will need to remove the rust first before applying the Tanks  Sealer, Again we have developed a product that is specifically for removing the rust in fuel tanks, Simply Mix 1 Litre with 9 Litres of water, and leave overnight, and this clean you fuel tank thoroughly and after a wash out is ready to seal Our "Rusty Metal" Rust remover, can then be placed in a bucked, the rust sieved out, and used again and again on other fuel tanks, and anything that you would like to De-Rust. If you need a Rust Remover please Click Here>>> and this will take you straight to the product were you can add to cart.

If you use a thinners to wash out the fuel tank, please only use Lacquer Thinners as most others contain chemicals that could react and cause the seal to weaken, some people use normal thinners and have no problem but without knowing what the thinners contains we can not guarantee this  If you need all 3 products, than it would be cheaper to buy our renovation kilt, which you can find here  by Clicking Here>>>

Fibreglass and Plastic Fuel Tanks

We advise against using our Tank Seal Remover in Plastic or Fibreglass Tanks as its to aggressive, the only way to remove the old seal is manually, once you have removed as much of the old seal as you can, it is best to wash out using Hot Water and a Dish Washer Tablet mixed, if there is any of the old sealer still in the fuel tank, as long as it is stable, it os OK to seal over the top

Painting Fuel Tanks after Sealing

If you are think of painting a Fibreglass or Plastic Fuel tank that has become porous, after you have applied sealer. please wait up to 4 weeks, after application, as there will still be Ethanol in the tank structure, and by painting you will trap the ethanol between the sealer and the paint and it will push back through, let it breathe out of the Fibreglass/Plastic, before applying the correct primmer  


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    Posted by Neil on 24th Aug 2016

    Purchased the mini fuel tank sealer kit for my Norton commando petrol tank which I had just Cleaned and De-Rusted using the process described on I have seen other reviews for various sealer kits and the Caswell kit was always highly rated. The kit was delivery on time but the kit was not as described on the web site e.g. 2 bags that you mix by breaking a seal. I received 2 tins with the same product but the bag approach was one of the elements that attracted me to this kit. The bag approach would have made the mixing and pouring a lot easier and reduce the amount wastage in the tins. The product was very thick and the application of it to the tank went well but the instruction of moving the tank for several minutes would have left the tank only partially coated (temperature was 26 °C). The moving of the tank needs around 10 -15 minutes and given the viscosity, a slow roll/movement is required to achieve good coverage. The instructions were good but needs to avoid using product names e.g. “GADWRAP” which is cling film. The instructions describe plugging outlets with putty or play-doh. Unless you can ensure the fuel tap holes are fully sealed then the sealant will get into the threads. I used some old fuel taps fully screwed in and then removed them after an hour. This ensures the threats were unaffected by the sealant. This kit claims to cover up to 15 litre tanks but my tank is 11 litre (2.5 UK gallons) and it just covered the inside of the tank. I can’t vouch for the sealants longevity as it’s only been one week but given other reviews on the web; I’m not expecting any issues.

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    Tank Sealant

    Posted by Ian on 18th Sep 2015

    A great way to ship it. You mix the two parts in the bag by forcing the seal between them and squishing it all about. Quick, not messy and postable. The product works, as I had it in my fibreglass tank before, to proof it against ethanol. The only reservation I have is that I wish there was more of it. Last time I used it, most of it ended on the bottom of the tank and the top was insufficiently covered. Hence the re-order. There should be more instructions about how quickly it loses fluidity. This time I kept moving the tank around for at least half an hour so I hope I got the coverage.

Question What size fuel tank will this kit seal. Answer Maximum Size is up to 15 Litres