ComSonic-650 Concentrate

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ComSonic-650 Concentrate


Comsonic 650 as a compound specifically developed for removing corrosion from steel and iron.  It is supplied as one litre of concentrate for you to mix with ten litres of water.  This product is based on Citric Acid based and is environmentally friendly.  It has been modified to allow a stronger cleaning action along with the effective and fast stripping of rust.  

Prior to using ComSonic-65thoroughldegreasthe items in a cleaner/degreaseand then rinswittap wateuntithe rinse water is soap free. ComSonic-65will removthe heaviest corrosion leaving components bright and rust free. ComSonic-65isafe and easy to use. It is highleffectivwithout producinnoxious fumeor using hazardous chemicals


Put seven litres of water of warm water into a container and slowly mix in one litre of ComSonic-650. Then mix in three more litres of water. This will give you the stock solution that can be used in the ultrasonic cleaner. Place rusty components in the solution and set the unit for a 30 minute run. Also set the thermostat to 60°C. Very heavy rusting or Mill scale may need a number of 30min periods. If this is the case leave a 10min period between each session. Inspect the items periodically to ensure that the process is reacting correctly.

Rinse cleaned items in ordinary tap water and dry. The surface of the metal is very active at this time and you should apply a protective coat immediately. Bright steel in the normal UK conditions will start to rust after fifteen minutes, just as it would after being shot blasted. We would suggest that you apply an inhibitor. Caswell products are AR22 or SEAL-OX. 

We have a large range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluids, below is a chart that will help you to find the correct product.



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