Electroless Plating

Electroless Plating is an old fashioned way of Nickel and Chrome Plating, and now with Chromium Trioxide one of the main ingredients of traditional electroplating being a banned substance, Electroless Plating is a very attractive alternative, not only is it safer to use, its very easy, and gives a more even plated surface. if you know how to boil an egg, and can use a calculator, then you are capable of doing Electroless Plating.


Electroless Plating

  • Benchtop Electroless Plating System

    NEW * COMING VERY SOON FULLY INTEGRATED BENCHTOP PLATING SYSTEM BUY-LEASE-RENT Are you feed up with going to an Anodising or Electroplating company with a small batch of products onlyto be blown away by the price, and the lead time Do you wish that you...

  • Electroless Chrome Plating Kit

    ELECTROLESS CHROME PLATING  Looks Like Chrome - Has that Daylight Silver Colour - Not A Yellow Silver  Hard Like Chrome - Tougher Than Nickel!Keeps Its Shine - Just Like Chrome! No Dangerous Chemicals - No Disposal Problems - No Fumes - No...

  • Electroless Nickel Plating Kit

    So Simple - Just Like Boiling an Egg Electroless Nickel Plating Electroless nickel (EN) plating, also called chemical or autocatalytic nickel plating, serves as a viable alternative to traditional electro nickel plating. Unlike electro nickel...

  • Semi Professional Electroless Plating

    SEMI PROFESSIONAL ELECTROLESS PLATING If you have small components that you need to plate each month, and you are currently out sourcing this work, it may be viable to look at doing this process in house. The cost of sending products to the platers, and...

  • Electroless Copper Plating Kit

    Electroless Copper Plating Kit Introducing a new, simple way to make non-metallic parts conductive. Easier to use than conductive paints. The Electroless Copper Plating Kit provides an even, consistent layer of copper, which can then be plated with Acid...