Fuel Tank Rust Remover

1.00 KGS

Product Overview


This product will clean and remove the rust from all metal tanks, and leave a surface, that is ready to apply a Tank Sealer. Many people use Acetate, thinners, or whatever they can find in the shed or garage.  To be honest Thinners, Shed finds etc will do a similar job, but they leave behind a residue that can cause tank seal removers to lift and separate from the metal surface, using cheap thinners that has large amounts of Toluene in it is a known problem for causing this.

Our fuel tank rust remover is Citric Acid based, its not only safe to use, but will clean the tank properly, and after washing out will not leave any residue that will cause problems after a new tank seal has been fitted.

For the application, you mix 7-9 Litres of water with 1 Litre of Rust Remover, so as to not spill on any paintwork, wrap the tank in Cling Film, make a hole at the filler and pour in to the tank, leave for 3-6 hours or more depending on how bad the rust is, and then empty the tank.

The advantage of this product, is that you can sieve the rust particles from the liquid and use more than once, or keep in the workshop as Rust Remover for dipping parts that are rusty.


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