Fuel Tank Seal Remover (Removes Failed POR15 and Kreem Tank Sealers)

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Fuel Tank Seal Remover (Removes Failed POR15 and Kreem Tank Sealers)


For removing old, lifting failed tank sealers such as POR15 and Kreem and prior to re-finishing with Caswell Fuel Tank SealerThis product will remove sealers based on Novolac Epoxies, Amine Epoxies, Polyester resins and paint from the Inside of fuel tanks. The process is simple as you pour the Tank Seal Remover into the tank with some pea shingle or screws, seal the filler cap opening and rotate the tank in all directions, this product works on Vapour as well as Liquid Contact, therefore 1 Litre is suffiecent for a 33 Litre tank or smaller

Let stand for a while and then Continue until all old resin is dissolved and then empty out into a container and allow to evaporate off, The tank should be left open for the vapours to leave the stripped unit.

1 Litre of Fuel Tank Seal remover will work on Fuel tanks up to 35 Litres, so if you are removing a sealer from a larger fuel tank please use 1-33 as you calculation


This product is not suitable for Fibreglass or Plastic Fuel tanks

For fibreglass must remove manually until there is nothing flaking before you re seal, Tank Seal Removers contains aggressive chemicals, and these will attack the fibre glass resin


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    bringing life to rd350 fun

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Aug 2017

    I sent my sieve of a tank of to be braised then lined. It came back still leaking this product savedtime, effort and was brill....