SD Seal-Ox (Black Oxide Stage 4)

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SD Seal-Ox (Black Oxide Stage 4)


Can be used as the final stage of Black Oxide Process, when used as a dip, but can also be used on Mild Steel, Stainless Steel , Brass, Copper or Aluminium, as a spray or wiped on with a cloth the finish has slight oily finish, which will disappear over a few weeks

SD Seal-OX is a solvent-based rust preventative with excellent de-watering properties.  It is formulated using modern synthetic materials, which provide superior rust preventative properties and produces a very thin oily film. 

Treated components are protected against corrosion for up to 9 months internal storage and up to 3 months outdoor storage.  Further protection can be effected by a further application of  SD Seal-Ox or by periodically using a silicone wax over the treated article. 

SD Seal-OX 
is suitable for use on all metals including Brass, Copper and aluminium and is ideal for porous conversion coatings such as chemical blacking on steels.  It is resistant to contamination and emulsification, SD Seal-Ox is particularly suitable for final stage rust prevention, either after machining or after alkali, acid or solvent cleaning processes.


For optimum results components should be clean and rust free, although machining coolants and lubricating residues should not impair product performance.  When used with the SD Cold-Ox system the component should be thoroughly rinsed prior to immersion in the SD Seal-Ox tank.  Immersion or spray applications are suitable 


SD Seal-Ox should be used cold, ideally in a purpose built tank where the accumulation of water can be drained off or in a polythene container where the accumulation can be seen and the SD Seal-OX decanted off occasionally. Components should be maintained in the solution and not allowed to sit on the bottom of the tank where they might come into contact with contamination.  Components should be left to drain which will take between 45 and 60 minutes for initial drying.


Apply by using our low-pressure non-misting spray or with a brush, work from top to bottom.  Allow the same draining and drying time for dip application.


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