Semi Professional Electroless Plating

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Semi Professional Electroless Plating

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If you have small components that you need to plate each month, and you are currently out sourcing this work, it may be viable to look at doing this process in house. The cost of sending products to the platers, and with the normal time delays
can put a strain on your client relationship.

With one of the main ingredients in Electroplating "Chromium Trioxide" now being a banned substance, delays and costs will only increase over time. Our system uses a old fashioned system call Electroless Plating, Its simple to use, safe to use, and
give a more even finish, producing a tough Nickel or Chrome surface.

Our Semi-Pro Electroless Plating Line, can be built to any specification, or size that is needed, typically a basic set up would be as per the drawing below, with a heated Tank for Degreasing, Rinse Tank for cleaning of the de-greaser, High Heat Tank for Electroless Plating, and 
finally a wash tank for washing of the finished item.

The cost of a unit similar to this would be approx £4500-£6500 + VAT depending on the specification required. with the addition of a variable power supply, you will also be able to carry out most other plating processes, including Anodising