Stainless Steel Blackener Gel Kit

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Stainless Steel Blackener Gel Kit


Easily spot blacken Stainless steel. Ideal for small Automotive Parts, Tableware, Kitchenware through to decorative design work, where you can be creative and experiment with new ideas. Simply apply the gel where you want the blackening to occur. The gel keeps the blackener in place therefore eliminating and run

marks that you could get when using liquid, making it ideal for areas with curves and indents as its sticks not runs. Leave it on the part for 1-4 minutes or until you have the black or grey effect that you want and then rinse off.  Seal with the Patina Beeswax, If you prepare/clean the metal using our Metal Cleaner before applying the blackener, you will create a unique speckled effect.

It is crucial that during application, the room temperature is no less than 27°C



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3 Reviews
  • 5
    Great kit for darkening stainless steel

    Posted by SF on 2nd Sep 2017

    Well pleased with the overall outcome and results of this little kit.
    This is the first time I’ve used Black Oxide and I jumped into it feet first. There was a little bit of pitting but nothing I can’t live with. This is mainly, I think, due to leaving parts rubbed down but unsoaked/rinsed while applying the black oxide to other parts in the project.
    When used again I think having a pot of water at the side to dip as one goes along would be the best idea.
    I might have gone a bit overboard but for a first attempt the result is good enough. :)
    I bought the gel because I didn’t want to cover the back part of the backplate as I thought it maybe would affect it’s water-resistance as well as there being a piezo element on there. Some of the Black Oxide ended up on the backplate anyways and it hasn’t affected the operation of the watch in any way.
    The sealant was easy to apply, I used a shallow yoghurt pot to soak the parts in and then removed and left them to dry overnight (after the second dipping).
    I've read somewhere that the sealant can be reused to a certain degree and I've kept the stuff I used in a separate container as I intend to see if this is true.
    For small projects like this I would definitely recommend and the 250ml kit I bought would last any buyer a long time.
    Many thanks.
    NB: I would advise to really really really clean the parts down and make sure there’s no oily fingerprints etc or rubbing alcohol/cleaning agent on them. I think that’s what left the clasp/backplate slightly patchy in places. It's not something that bothers me for my application but I thought it might be worth noting as such.

    I posted some images of the project here, the results in the windowsill images from around 24 hours after application:

  • 4
    Awesome stuff

    Posted by Lil Jon on 26th Aug 2017

    First attempt with using this sort of stuff but well pleased with the outcome.
    Some pitting but nothing too extreme and I think it's more to do with my prep work than anything else.
    Notes: When used again have a pot of water at the side to dip as one goes along would be the best idea as some parts were left while others were being oxided before rinsing them all at the same time.
    Really really really clean the parts down and make sure there’s no oily fingerprints etc or rubbing alcohol/ cleaning agent on them.
    Super quick delivery as well, arrived a day after processing.
    4 stars as a bit tricky to use but again that's due to my novice in using such material.
    Images of results:

  • 4
    Easy to use

    Posted by David on 27th Jun 2016

    Ideal for blackening small parts. A great small package what is easy to use with great results.