Stainless Steel Blackener

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Product Overview


There is no limit to the size of the item that can be blackened, from small items such as watches, engineering parts etc, through to complete kitchens, Restaurants, Staircases. most colour
variations can be achieved including artistic effects


Stainless Steel Blackener 370 is an acidic liquid concentrate used full strength or diluted with up to 3 parts water to blacken stainless steel at room temperature. its Produces a pleasing dark gray/black finish, but by reducing or increasing the amount of water added you can create a variation of shades from light Grey to a Dark Black.

For an even finish on smaller items it is always best to submerse your item once the Blackening solution has been mixed, and your item prepared, that way the solution will have even coverage for an even amount of time, and the finished product will be uniformed in its finish

If you have a large item, a structure that is already fitted, or you need to repair a damaged area, that has previously been blackened, then dipping is not possible or financially viable. you can apply our Stainless Steel Blackener by Hand using a Sponge, Brush, or a cloth, the mixing rate still applies as above and again increase or decrease the dilution to get the effect that you need.

If you want to create a uneven modern design pattern, then we suggest you experiment using cut offs of Stainless Steel that are the same grade as the item you want to Blacken, and by using different types of products such as the variants of thinners when you prepare the metal, let them dry on instead of wiping off, and when you apply the Blackener you will get effects similar to the images on the left.

The product can be used on items for indoor and outdoor use, generally if it is to used for indoors there is no need to seal the surface once completed, unless it is a surface that is going to have heavy usage such as a Bar or a doors

It is crucial that during application the room temperature is no less than 27°C, at colder temperatures, it will not work


There are a number of ways to seal Stainless Steel Blackener, firstly a slightly oily finish can be achieved on engineering parts by using our SD-Seal Ox, For larger flat areas we have found that beeswax works very well, we have seen beeswax used on large outdoor areas, and it works well.

It is possible to spray a Lacquer on the finished surface, this will seal it, but it some cases were thickness of the metal is crucial, it will increase the thickness, one of the key points with Stainless Steel Blackener is that it is not a paint, it stains the metal surface, so there is no increase in the thickness of the metal. Finally you can use Caswell Sealer, this can be diluted and applied by hand or even used by submersion for items that have been Blackened using the same technique.


If you are working on items that have shapes and indents, or you are working on the underside of an item such as a statue, you can buy the Stainless Steel Blackener in a Gel form, this will stick better to areas were liquids may run of.  The product is identical, there is no dilution, it ready to use, you can see this product by clicking here>>


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