Welding Rods
  • Casweld Aluminium Brazing Rod Kit

    Casweld™ AL Aluminum Brazing Rod Designed for joining all brazable grades of aluminium sheet, plate, tubing and piping, extrusions, rod and wire Perfect for: Aluminum Castings Filling Holes Building Up Worn Sections Joining Cast To Wrought...

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  • Casweld Pot Metal Soldering Rod Kit

    Joining and Repairing Pot Metal, Zinc Die Cast Parts, Lead and all white metals. Joins dissimilar metals together, like copper to ferrous metal, or steel to aluminium.Aluminum Tube & RadiatorsSheet MetalJoining Dissimilar MetalsFilling Pits In Pot...

  • Casweld Silver Solder Kits

    For color matching stainless steel and for low temperature high strength joints in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries 2 Pre-Fluxed 1/16" x 18" Rod Features: Super active flux coated cadmium free silver brazing alloy with 56% silver...

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