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Pyro-Putty 2400

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This high temperature ceramic and stainless steel metal-filled paste is ideal for repairing defects in manifolds, headers, exhaust pipes, mufflers, and more. Withstands temps up to 2000oF (1090oC)

Pyro-Putty 2400 bonds tenaciously to cast iron and steel and stainless steel, and is easy to apply, cure, machine and clean. Can be applied up to 3/8" thick. Aiir
sets in 2-4 hours. Heat cure at 200oF (95oC)for 2-4 hours.


Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be free of oil, grease, dirt, corrosives or other contaminants before application. Porous metal castings should be baked at high temperature to burn off embedded oils. Smooth metal surfaces should be abrasive blasted with a coarse media to a minimum SP-10 near white blast (0.001” minimum profile) for best results.


All products should be mixed thoroughly to a uniform consistency prior to use. Product viscosities may be reduced by adding a maximum of 5–10% by weight of the appropriate thinner.  



Pyro-Putty® products may be applied using a spatula, putty knife or caulk gun. For cross-sections greater than 1⁄8”–1⁄4” multiple applications should be made to avoid blistering. Cross-sections for all products should not exceed 1⁄2”–3⁄4” (3⁄8” maximum for Pyro-Putty® 2400).


The following instructions are guidelines for curing. Alternative cure times may be appropriate depending on the size of
the application.

Air dry at room temperature for a minimum of 5–7 hours, longer for thick cross-sections.

A heat cure is not required if the use temperature exceeds 200 °c. Otherwise, heat cure at 95 °c for 3 hours.


Unopened containers have a six month shelf life when stored at room temperature. Make sure opened containers are capped securely to prevent evaporation. Place a plastic film in between the cap and container to prevent air leakage.

The container may be inverted periodically to minimize settling. Store container between 40 oF and 90 oF.


Read Material Safety Data Sheet carefully before using any of the above products. Prolonged skin contact should be avoided due to possible irritation. In the uncured state, materials can be washed from the skin with a mild soap and water. If any material contacts eyes, flush continuously with water or neutralizing solutions, then consult a physician immediately. 


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