Non Conductive Surface Plating

  • Copper Conductive Paint: Chrome, Plastic, Leather etc

    COPPER CONDUCTIVE PAINT 115ml Make non-conductive items such as plastics, resins, leather, ceramics, cardboard, flowers, leaves, roses etc. conductive so they can be plated. Copper Conductive Paint is an inexpensive alternative to our highly conductive...

  • Silver Plating Kit for Plastic, Glass, Ceramics etc

    Prepares Non-Conductive Parts (Plastic, Glass, Ceramic, Leather, Baby Shoes, Leaves, Flowers etc) for electroplating Make small non-conductive parts conductive, ready for electroplating, Ideal for dipping small parts. Eliminates the use of...

  • Electroless Copper Plating Kit

    Electroless Copper Plating Kit Introducing a new, simple way to make non-metallic parts conductive. Easier to use than conductive paints. The Electroless Copper Plating Kit provides an even, consistent layer of copper, which can then be plated with Acid...

  • Caswell Patina Sealer (Satin Finish)

    CASWELL SEALER  Non Gloss Finish for Sealing Patinas on Metal Can also be used for Sealing Porous Non Conductive Materials before electroplating This product is Water Based and is a fast drying coating that Seals Patinas on Metals in order to...

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