De-Greasing Products

  • Aluminium Cleaner

    Aluminium Cleaner

    ALUMINIUM CLEANER Ideal for removing oils, waxes and staining on Aluminium, this is a water based product so is safe to apply and easy to use. This product is ideal for pre cleaning Aluminium before applying any blackeners or...

  • Metal Surface Degreaser

    Metal Surface Degreaser

    GENERAL PURPOSE METAL SURFACE DEGREASER Fast-acting, Low Residue, Industrial strength Degreaser, penetrates and removes oils, greases and waxes from most metals, Can be used as a spray solution or Mixed with water and use as a Submersion...

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  • SD Klene-OX (Black Oxide Stage 1)

    SD Klene-OX (Black Oxide Stage 1)

    SD KLENE-OX DEGREASER, PART 1 OF THE BLACK OXIDE PROCESS SD Klene-Ox is a light duty alkaline degreaser capable of removing light machining and pressing oils from mild steel components at room temperature, this is part one of the Cold Ox Process,...

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