Buffing Wheels

  • Acrylic Buffing Wheel

    Acrylic Buffing Wheel

    ACRYLIC BUFFING WHEEL This buff has 16 plies of soft Canton Cloth, carded on one side, to enhance the softness, yet maintain a certain rigidity. It should be used at speeds lower than 1800 rpm to buff acrylic lacquers and varnishes. Ideal for buffing...

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  • Canton Flannel Buffing Wheels

    Canton Flannel Buffing Wheels

    Canton Flannel is very soft, and this wheel is loosely stitched, so the layers of cloth flare out to give a wide angle ultra smooth polishing surface. Should be used with the BLUE or RED compound, this wheel can be used on the most delicate items...

  • Cloth Finger Buffs

    Cloth Finger Buffs

    CLOTH FINGER BUFFING WHEEL A highly aggressive wheel for quick cutting and polishing. Ideal for buffing contoured items. Made of tough, long lasting cloth. Use with any cutting compound, or greaseless compound. Very economical to use. Available in...

  • Cushion Buffing Wheels

    Cushion Buffing Wheels

    CUSHION BUFFING WHEELS These buffs are sewn with two rows to slightly stiffen the buff.This improves the speed of the final coloring operation, giving you performance somewhere between a spiral sewn and a loose wheel. Use as a stiffer version of...

  • Denim Buffing Wheel

    Denim Buffing Wheel

    DENIM BUFFING WHEELS Our newest buffing wheel, the denim buffing wheel, is soft enough for any buffing application that calls for cotton wheels, but, because of the sturdy denim construction, it lasts much, much longer than a cotton buff. The faces of...

  • Domet Flannel Buffing Wheel

    Domet Flannel Buffing Wheel

    DOMET FLANNEL BUFFING WHEEL Domet flannel is very the softest available material, and this wheel is loosely stitched, so the layers of cloth flare out to give a wide angle ultra smooth polishing surface. Generally used with the BLUE or RED compound,...

  • Hour Glass Buffing Wheel

    Hour Glass Buffing Wheel

    HOUR GLASS BUFFING WHEEL We developed a special buffing wheel that fits straight into a drill chuck. The unique shape allows the buff to rest on the pipe without spinning off.  Place the buffer groove over the pipe and start buffing, using gentle...

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  • Loose Cotton Buffing Wheel

    Loose Cotton Buffing Wheel

    LOOSE COTTON BUFFING WHEEL The main purpose of a loose cotton wheel is to polish and cut in a similar manner to the Spiral Sewn Wheel, except that this wheel, not being tightly stitched together, will 'mush' or collapse, allowing the cotton to get into...

  • Polishing Haze Remover Powder  (250ml)

    Polishing Haze Remover Powder (250ml)

    HAZE REMOVER Specially formulated powder removes light compound residue and haze, allowing for close inspection of the polished part. Helps remove those annoying micro-fine scratches. Used when polishing Chrome or Aluminium parts on a Buffing...

  • Razor Buffing Wheels

    Razor Buffing Wheels

    RAZOR BUFFING WHEELS 1/8" thick treated, razor buffs are perfect for getting into tight work areas and between fins on cylinder heads.The treated material is tough, long lasting and flexible. Use with a cutting compound.Buffs feature leather reinforced...

  • Sisal Buffing Wheel, will remove grind and scratches.

    Sisal Buffing Wheel, will remove grind and scratches.

    SISAL BUFFING WHEEL These are High Quality US Made Wheel Sisal is a slender, hard, cellular strand of fiber that has demonstrated its great strength and tough resiliency in the form of binder twine, cord & rope for many years. These qualities,...

  • Spiral Sewn Cotton Wheel

    Spiral Sewn Cotton Wheel

    SPIRAL SEWN BUFFING WHEEL Spiral sewn wheels are the workhorse of most buffing and polishing jobs. Because the plies of cotton cloth are sewn together spirally, the wheel becomes much harder and more pressure can be exerted on it. This is especially...