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Metal Preparation

Metal Preparation


When preparing a Metal surface for Patination, it is important that you remove all Grease, Debris, Fingerprints, and Mill Scale, as all of these if left on the metal will be highlighted when you add the patination product.

Never use Acetone or Acetate to clean the surface, as this etches in to the metal, and when you blacken, it will show up as white on some metals, which can only be removed by shot blasting.

Our Metal Cleaners are water based, and clean well, and do not leave an chemicals traces on the metal work, which can react with the Patina

Aluminium can produce an oxide which will need to be removed, for this you can use our De Ox and Smut Remover, if you would like to get a surface finish that is similar to Anodising, use our Aluminium Brightener

All of these  products can be used in dipping tanks, or applied by hand, by creating a clean and bright Aluminium, you can be sure of a good finish after you have finished your final process

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