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After you have finished Blackening your Metal, its is important that you Seal it afterwards, and to do this there are a number of methods

1. CLEAR COAT LACQUER : This will create a weather proof Seal, in a variation of Matte, Satin and Gloss Finishes, it is also possible to add some colour pigments to the lacquer to add to the effect.

2. CLEAR BEESWAX: If applied to Blackened Metal, this will enhance the effect of the Black, and create that "Aged Industrial Look". This is the most popular method

3. BLACK BEESWAX: This is ideal for making the Black appearance more even, enhancing the Black, and also maintaining the Black as part of future Maintenence

4: CASWELL SEALER: This is an easy to apply product, that will give give your Blackened Surface a Satin Appearance

5: SEAL-OX-OIL: This would typically be used on an Engineered piece, not a decorative piece

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