Anodising Pre-Treatment
  • Aluminium Brightener Concentrate

    ALUMINIUM BRIGHTENER  This product can be used for the following Processes As a Pre Treatment for Brightening Metal before Patination,  As part of the Process to Brighten Aluminium prior to Anodising, and finally to renovate older Aluminium and...

  • Aluminium Oxide and Smut Remover

    ALUMINIUM OXIDE and SMUT REMOVER (ideal for Japanese Motorcycle Engine Casings) Hand Application Ideal for removing oxides and smut that build up on Aluminium over a period of time, This product is especially useful on certain types of alloys found on...

  • Zincate (For Chroming Aluminium)

    You Can not Plate Aluminum Without Zincate Pre-Treatment For Aluminum Using CASWELL Zincate Solution, aluminum can be pre-treated, and then plated in one of our plating kits. The problem is that aluminum forms an oxide layer the minute it is exposed...

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