• Pewter Blackener

    PEWTER BLACKENER 450ml All Metal Finishing Solutions are easy to use, produce authentic, consistent results, require no heat or electricity, are water based, nonflammable and react within minutes. Achieve a wide variety of antiqued and colored finishes...

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  • Clear Beeswax Patina Sealer

    Metal Patina Sealer Wax Special Formula for Patina Sealing After you have applied you Metal Blackener, you will need to seal in colour, by using a clear beeswax, this will enhance any light areas in the blackening. This product is also ideal for...

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  • Metal Cleaner

    METAL CLEANER Ideal for removing oils, waxes and staining on most metals, this is a water based product so is safe to apply and easy to use. This product is ideal for pre cleaning Metals before applying any blackeners or Patinations,  SHIPPING...

  • 2K Patina Clear Coat Lacquer

    2K Patina Clearcoat Lacquer Once you have blackened or added a Patina to Metal the next stage is that you will need to seal it in, With this product you can create a Heavy Duty UV Resistant, Scratch Resistant coating that is ideal for finishes that...

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  • Caswell Patina Sealer (Satin Finish)

    CASWELL SEALER  Non Gloss Finish for Sealing Patinas on Metal Can also be used for Sealing Porous Non Conductive Materials before electroplating This product is Water Based and is a fast drying coating that Seals Patinas on Metals in order to...

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