Sisal Buffing Wheel, Oil Treated

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Sisal Buffing Wheel, Oil Treated


These are High Quality EU Made Wheel, Oil Treatment gives it a smoother cutting power, together with longer life

Our Buffing wheels are a high quality product that are made purposely for preparing metal for plating, were a strong robust commercial product that gets results quickly is needed

Sisal is a slender, hard, cellular strand of fibre that has demonstrated its great strength and tough resiliency in the form of binder twine, cord & rope for many years. These qualities, along with its natural abrading and grease absorbing characteristics, provide an ideal buffing wheel fabric.

Sisal buffing wheels will provide both polishing and cutting action. They will remove stretcher strains, orange peel, polishing wheel grit lines, light die marks, etc.

To effect a fast cut, use a sisal wheel with the Black Emery compound.

Please use the chart below for more information on buffing wheels, compounds, and metal types, for information on the principles of Polishing, download our free "Polishing   Guide" from the Download button below




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