AR22 - Rust Inhibitor


AR22 is a neutral rust inhibitor and light duty cleaner.  AR22 is ideal when it is essential to prevent re-rusting without leaving a visible or interfering film.

AR22 is suitable for use in both soak and spray wash operations.  AR22 has a wide range of applications including:- final rinse after phosphate operations, as a light duty cleaner for ferrous and non ferrous metals or used in conjunction with a heavier duty cleaner as a rust inhibitor.  AR22 is a complex blend of amines and organic acids and will give good rust protection for several days under good internal storage conditions.  

Directions for use

Makeup concentrations of AR22 vary between 1% 2% by volume, however optimum concentrations should be determined by trial. Additions of AR22 should start at 1% and increased until desired results are achieved. AR22 is generally operated at a temperature range of 70oC 80oC as this will aid Flash Drying.

Features Benefits

  • concentrate formula non- toxic
  • nitrite free light duty cleaner
  • mild alkaline inhibits rusting of ferrous metals
Applications Of This Product
Rust Inhibitor - use after de-rusting, before painting any rusted surface or after any machine work.

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