“Cold” Black Oxide Solution developed with the Hobbyist and Small Production Shop in Mind


SD “Cold-Ox” System

The 4 litre Cold-Ox kit

Professional results in minutes!

Simple 'Dip & Coat' method

100ml Cold-Ox Cream

A “Cold” Black Oxide Solution (similar to Parkerizing) developed with the Hobbyist and Small Production Shop in mind brought to you through years of research and experience in the metal finishing industry. Safely produces a firmly adherent black oxide coating on steel surfaces as an alternative to the hot caustic processes. 

Treated components are protected against corrosion for up to 9 months internal storage and up to 3 months outdoor storage through the application of the De-watering sealing oil.  Further protection can be effected by an intermittent application of  SD Seal-Ox21 or by periodically using a silicone wax or gun oil over the treated article.  This is no different to cleaning a gun, motorcycle or machine item and oiling it to maintain its efficiency.

This process does not contain cyanides or organic complexants.  The coating is integral with the steel surface with no dimensional change.  It is ideal for the small or large volume user alike. Parameters are the same for treating one screw or one hundred thousand screws.  Safely and easily produces a rich black oxide coating on all types of Steel and Cast Iron except Stainless Steel.  

Hardened and High Carbon Steels can be treated without loss of strength or embrittlement.   The 4-litre SD Cold-Ox kit will cover at over 4 square metres per litre of concentrate or 36 square feet.  Dilute with tap water to make 4 times the volume of the concentrated solution.  

Kits contains all necessary chemicals for the job.  Please note the dilutions.  “Klene-OX 8000” Degreasing/ Cleaning Solution (use as is) – “Cond-OX” Metal Conditioner (dilute to 10% solution)– “Cold-OX” Black Oxide Solution (Dilute 25% solution) – “Seal-OX21” Protective Sealer (use as is) – Instructions and 4 plastic containers (containers only available for the 4 and 22 litre kits).  

The Cold-Ox Cream can be used for local blacking work or for gun restoration.

Can be used on: 


Car and Motorcycle Components

Steam Engines

Gun Barrels and accessories on 

The Pigeon Watch Forum

Engineering and Model Engineering

Machine Parts

Restoration Work

1 Litre Kit

250ml Bottle SD KLENE-OX

125ml Bottle SD COND-OX

250ml Bottle SD COLD-OX

250ml Bottle SD SEAL-OX


4 Litre Kit

4 x 6 Litre Buckets with Lids

1 Litre Bottle SD KLENE-OX

500ml Bottle SD COND-OX

1 Litre Bottle SD COLD-OX

1 Litre Bottle SD SEAL-OX

20 Litre Kit

 4 x 25 Litre Buckets with Lids

5 Litre Bottle SD KLENE-OX

2.5 Litre Bottle SD COND-OX

5 Litre Bottle SD COLD-OX

5 Litre Bottle SD SEAL-OX

Features & Benefits  

  • Energy efficient- no heating costs as all the products can be used at room temperature.
  • Safe to use- SD “Cold-Ox” is not corrosive, does not fume and is easily diluted with water.
  • Easy operation- eliminates the need for dedicated process operators in most cases.
  • No capital expense- use of simple polyethylene tanks.
  • Low cost operation- low energy, quick process.
  • Easy installation- the only requirement is a good supply of water.
  • No special working area necessary. View the operating Instructions.
  • Clean environment- neat, compact production line with safer products and an ease of use more acceptable to the operator.
  • Low maintenance- just keep the tank covered when not in use.
  • Whether for decoration, reflectivity, sales appeal or adhesion SD “Cold-Ox” will produce an excellent black finish to screws, bolts, gauges and all high precision machine parts, which cannot accept any dimensional change or distortion during processing.  
  • The Cold-Ox cream can be used as a temporary surface black to aid scribing and layout requirements.

  ***Replenishment chemicals can be purchased separately when required. ***


SDCO20 20 Litre "SD Cold-Ox" Blacking kit £262.01
SDCO4 4 Litre "SD Cold-Ox" Blacking kit £72.42
SDCO1 1 Litre "SD Cold-Ox" Blacking kit £22.38
SDCOBC 100mls "SD Cold-Ox" Blacking cream £9.45
BOGK Black Oxide Gel Kit £27.55