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Anodise and Chrome Remover Concentrate

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Product Overview


Anodise and Chrome Stripper is a super fast commercial grade stripper. It can also be used on most metals including Aluminium.  

A good cleaning solution is prepared with 40 grams of ANODISE & CHROME STRIPPER added per Litre of water. This solution may be used at room temperature but the stripping time is slower. Heating the solution to a Temperature of 70°C considerably increases the rate of chrome removal.
Simply Heat the solution, and submerse the item into it, and it should quickly start to remove the Chrome or Anodise.
For Heavily Chromed areas, there may be a need "Reverse Electroplating" 

 A typical set-up for stripping Chrome plate electrolytically using SD ANODISE & CHROME STRIPPER solution is shown here. 

 The procedure is as follows: (Please note that this is the reverse practice to plating as you are blowing the anodise off as opposed to attracting metal in plating.).   


 1.  Connect the piece to be stripped to anode (positive) connection of your power unit and immerse work in Anodise & Chrome Stripper Solution.     


 2.  Connect the GP Plates to the negative terminal of your power supply. 


 3.  Adjust current until a current density of 1/2 to 1 amp. Per. sq. in. is obtained. Maintain this current density for approximately five minutes.      


 4.  Remove work and inspect to see if all chrome has been removed. If not, repeat cycle as outlined previously.    


 5.  Water rinse work and clean work according to recommended CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO PLATING (SEE MANUAL). The part is then ready for plating.     

 Note: The above procedure is recommended for the removal of heavy Chrome deposits (.002" or over), which have been deposited over nickel. CAUTION:  EXCESSIVE STRIPPING ON THE BASE METAL AFTER CHROME HAS BEEN REMOVED IS NOT RECOMMENDED. THIS APPLIES PARTICULARLY TO HIGH CARBON STEELS. A PERIODIC FIVE MINUTE INSPECTION OF THE WORK SURFACE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (It is usually better to leave the nickel plate intact, and plate over it with copper.) 


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