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Zincate (For Chroming Aluminium)

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Product Overview

zincate.jpgYou Can not Plate Aluminum Without Zincate Pre-Treatment For Aluminum

Using CASWELL Zincate Solution, aluminum can be pre-treated, and then plated in one of our plating kits. The problem is that aluminum forms an oxide layer the minute it is exposed to air. This presents a problem when plating aluminum, as the oxide layer prevents the plate from sticking. By using the Zincate process as a pre-plate dip, we chemically remove the oxide layer and at the same time, apply a layer of zinc. The zinc protects the aluminum until it is ready to be plated. As the part is lowered into the plating tank, the zinc is etched away by the plating solution and plating proceeds onto a clinically clean surface.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review