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Loose Cotton Buffing Wheel 150X12X10

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Product Overview


The main purpose of a loose cotton wheel is to polish and cut in a similar manner to the Spiral Sewn Wheel, except that this wheel, not being tightly stitched together, will 'mush' or collapse, allowing the cotton to get into awkward places more easily. If you have an object with fine details and awkward crevices, then this is the wheel to use.

Because you will be unable to exert pressure which slows down other harder wheels, you should consider putting LARGER loose cotton wheels or more than 1 smaller cotton wheel on your buffer. This will increase the surface speed, improving the overall finish and the time involved.

Use with any compound.

Please use the chart on the left for more information on buffing wheels, compounds, and metal types, for information on the principles of Polishing, download our free "Polishing  Guide" from the Download button below