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Electroplating and Metal Patina De-greaser (Heavy Duty)

Surface Monkey

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Product Overview

ELECTROPLATING DE-GREASER for Preparing Metals for Electroplating, Anodising, Stove Enamelling and Patina Stains

Our New Fomula heavy duty degreaser is a mild caustic alkaline cleaner, suitable for use on Steel, Brass, Copper and other metals. It can be used as a soak cleaner and electro cleaner or a combination soak/ electro cleaner prior to Electroplating, Phosphating, Stove Enamelling, Chemical Blacking or Powder Coating. It is designed to eliminate solvent degreasing and is capable of prolonged bath life in both barrel and rack installations of any size, it’s unique blend of surfactants with unique wetting and penetrating properties, which provide for the effective removal of lanolin based oils and greases. Many other contaminates, including oxidised greases and oils are readily removed in soak and electro cleaning operations at ambient or elevated temperatures.

TANK AND EQUIPMENT An HDP bucket is suitable for low temperature use. A welded steel tank is suitable for the solution at higher temperatures, however galvanised, tinned or lead lined tanks should never be used. For heating requirements we recommend steel cases immersion heaters, steel steam coil or gas burners (fitted with flame failure control). 

SOLUTION MAKE-UP Fill tank two thirds full of water at 40°c, add the desired amount of cleaner and stir until dissolved make up to the correct working volume once the cleaner is fully dissolved bring up the solution to the working  

Methods of Use: Please use the chart below



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