Blackened Mild steel is used for 2 industries, the first is for Engineering, There are many products from nuts and bolts, gate hinges, up to engine components that are chemically blackened, to carry out this process you will need a "Black Oxide Kit". this contains 4 products.
1. Degreaser to prepare the metal 2. Conditioner to "relax" the metal and help it absorb the black 3. Chemical Blackener 4: De Watering Oil to seal the Chemical Black into the metal.

This process is typically carried out by diluting the products in to buckets or tanks, and dipping the metal to create an even black finish that is hard wearing. There is a video on the "Black Oxide Kit" page that shows how this process works.  

The 2nd process is for creating a decorative appearance on any items from small objects through to stair cases, desks, restaurant furniture, the list is endless, the process for this is very different from the engineering Process.
Rather than dipping the metal, you apply it by hand, 1. Degrease or clean the metal, removing any mill scale, grease etc 2: Apply Metal Blackener undiluted using a small abrasive scotch brite pad and work it in to the metal, 3. Seal the Blackener in to the metal, depending on the effect you need you can use either a beeswax if you would like an aged Industrial look, Our Caswell Sealer if you need a satin Appearance. or if its going to be used outside a heavy duty clearcoat lacquer.

If you need any advice on the best way to do this please call us on +44 1252 560515 or email us, Our Blackening teams carry out this work around the world, and we have not found a problem yet that cannot be solved, although I must say that to do this work to the maximum effect it is an "Art as opposed to a "Trade", and its not always easy to fit within the building industries "Need it finished quickly" system. if carried out correctly its possible to create a stunning and lasting effect.


  • SD Cold-Ox (Hand Apply on Mild Steel)

    SD COLD-OX MILD STEEL BLACKENER Cold Ox is traditionally used in Engineering to Blacken components that need mild corrosion resistance, and minimal light reflection, the method used to achieve this is normally by using a 4 stage process Black Oxide Kit,...

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  • Black Oxide Kits (For Dipping)

    BLACK OXIDE KITS A “Cold” Black Oxide Solution (similar to Parkerizing) Safely produces a firmly adherent black oxide coating on steel surfaces as an alternative to the hot caustic processes.  Treated components are protected against...

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  • Clear Beeswax Patina Sealer

    Metal Patina Sealer Wax Special Formula for Patina Sealing After you have applied you Metal Blackener, you will need to seal in colour, by using a clear beeswax, this will enhance any light areas in the blackening. This product is also ideal for...

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  • Metal Cleaner

    METAL CLEANER Ideal for removing oils, waxes and staining on most metals, this is a water based product so is safe to apply and easy to use. This product is ideal for pre cleaning Metals before applying any blackeners or Patinations,  SHIPPING...

  • 2K Patina Clear Coat Lacquer

    2K Patina Clearcoat Lacquer Once you have blackened or added a Patina to Metal the next stage is that you will need to seal it in, With this product you can create a Heavy Duty UV Resistant, Scratch Resistant coating that is ideal for finishes that...

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  • Copper-Ox (Mild Steel look like Copper)

    COPPER OX, TURNS MILD STEEL APPEAR LIKE COPPER Copper is very expensive to use, with our new Copper Ox product, you can give Mild Steel the appearance of Copper in just a few seconds, this creates an instant Copper look, that is durable and long...

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  • Black Wax Metal Patina Sealer

    Metal Patina Sealer Black Wax After you have applied you Metal Blackener, you will need to seal in colour, by using a beeswax, you can help to enhance the appearance and create that "Aged Industrial Appereance" by using a Clear Wax, but in cases were...

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  • Caswell Patina Sealer (Satin Finish)

    CASWELL SEALER  Non Gloss Finish for Sealing Patinas on Metal Can also be used for Sealing Porous Non Conductive Materials before electroplating This product is Water Based and is a fast drying coating that Seals Patinas on Metals in order to...

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