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Plastic Activator's for Electroless Nickel

Caswell Inc

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Product Overview

Plate Plastic With Electroless Nickel Easily

Eliminates Messy And Expensive Conductive Paints

Makes 3D Printed Parts Plating A Breeze

Simple Three Step Process

Our NEW Plastic Activator For our electroless nickel known as One-plate which allows for direct nickel plating onto most plastics with no need for conductive paints or coatings. The plastic substrate must be able to withstand the heat of the Electroless Nickel Bath (approx 200 deg Fahrenheit or 93 deg Celsius)

Includes 3 solutions, used as is. Sensitizer, Activator and Reducer.

Clean your parts with our SD416 degreaser product and rinse with distilled water.

 Kit Contains:

  • Plastic Sensitizer
  • Plastic Activator
  • Plastic Reducer


  1. Use all solutions as is. Do not dilute.
  2. Degrease your plastic parts with our degreaser. Failure to degrease properly will result in poor adhesion. Spend your time and energy on this step….the rest is easy.
  3. For best results, we recommend flaming your plastic part with a blow torch on low for a few seconds. This allows the plastic to more easily accept the chemicals.
  4. After flaming, dip into the Sensitizer for THREE minutes.
  5. RINSE with distilled water
  6. Dip into the Activator for THREE minutes. DO NOT RINSE.
  7. Dip into the Reducer for THREE minutes
  8. Proceed directly to Electroless Nickel Plating.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review