Plug N Plate Flash Copper Solution (Plates on to Zinc, Brass,Pot Metal, Stainless Steel)

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Plug N Plate Flash Copper Solution (Plates on to Zinc, Brass,Pot Metal, Stainless Steel)

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flash-copper.jpgFLASH COPPER SOLUTION 230ml

FLASH COPPER is a unique alkaline electrolytic copper plating process with covering and throwing powers greater than cyanide copper.  

FLASH COPPER is an outstanding pre-plate copper strike for bright nickel, acid copper, tin and solder plates.  It is an excellent heat treat stop off plate and EMI shield. It is also an excellent decorative finish for buttons, rivets, lighting fixtures and builders’ hardware. The copper plate can be readily blackened or oxidized for a variety of attractive antiqued finishes. There are no carbonates to be treated. It contains no strong chelators. It is supplied as a liquid concentrate, which is diluted with water.

FLASH COPPER produces a fine grained, smooth, dense and ductile copper deposit, which is nonporous and has excellent bonding properties. The throwing and covering power of the non-cyanide process is superior to cyanide processes. This is especially evident in barrel plating.  It has uniform low current density distribution with excellent micro-throw.

The grain is smaller than cyanide copper, which increases the density of the deposit.   This density provides excellent heat treat stop off and masking properties.  The fine-grained FLASH COPPER deposit under nickel/chrome improves the overall corrosion resistance and helps to throw the nickel farther into the low current density areas. 

FLASH COPPER produces a softer and more ductile deposit than cyanide or acid copper. The soft deposit imparts improved adhesion and corrosion resistance and greatly improved resistance to thermal shock.

It has a high deposit purity and hence no out-gassing with subsequent brazing, soldering or vacuum operations.

FLASH COPPER is simple and inexpensive to use because it replenishes the copper in solution by dissolving the copper anode and here again it is a unique product with only one maintenance additive.


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