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UltraKlene-Sonic 6 Concentrate

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Product Overview

ULTRAKLENE-SONIC 6 Ideal for Electrical Components

Caswell Europe's products are formulated to give the best action in the task they were created for. Ultraklene-Sonic 6 is a universal ultrasonic cleaner, based on a complex blend of potassium phosphate, sequestrants, water miscible solvents, cationic & non ionic surfactants. It is particularly effective when used for cleaning auto electrical components in the re-manufacturing industries, due to the mild alkaline nature of this product. Also can be used in filter cleaning, especially electro static filters. This is due to the high level of cationic surfactants, which break down the static electric charge. It is suitable for cleaning ferrous, non-ferrous & plastic components. However care should be taken on certain non-ferrous components when used at high concentrations or elevated temperatures.

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