Aluminium Blackener 1 litre

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1.20 KGS

Product Overview

Surface Monkey Aluminium Blackener is an innovative, non-heat application patina product which will blacken aluminium without the use of heat or “baking”. This amazing blackener can be used without specialist equipment as a spray-on, brush or submersion solution straight onto cleaned and prepared aluminium. This technique makes the blackening process easy and more user friendly than the commonly used heat application as it is odourless and does not produce hazardous fumes. The only requirement is that the product temperature is not less than 27 degrees Celsius during application.


There are no heat distortion or dimensional changes to the finished part which is important when working with exact dimensions.


By simply adjusting the dilution rates and application time, this blackening product offers the ability to produce a variation in colours from a rich, pewter grey to a deep black or to create that aged, industrial look.


Surface Monkey Aluminium Blackener can be used to blacken components that cannot be anodised as well as a touch-up for black anodised aluminium that has been scratched or suffered slight surface damage.


Surface Monkey Aluminium Blackener can cover up to an astonishing 6m2 of surface making it extremely economical to use (subject to conditions and variants).


Once sealed with a lacquer finish, this quality blackener is completely colourfast and will not fade in sunlight or with age. Surface Monkey Aluminium Blackener is exceptionally versatile and durable making it the preferred choice by professionals as well as hobbyists.

Below is a short Picture gallery for process when applying by Hand