Aluminium Blackener Gel 1 Litre

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1.00 KGS

Product Overview


Easy to use Aluminium Blackening Gel, ideal for small Automotive Parts, Tableware, Kitchenware through to decorative design work, where you can be creative and experiment with new ideas. Simply apply the gel where you want the blackening to occur. The gel keeps the blackener in place therefore eliminating and run marks that you could get when using liquid, making it ideal for areas with curves and indents as its sticks not runs. Leave it on the part for 1-4 minutes or until you have the black or grey effect that you want and then rinse off.  Seal with Caswell Sealer for a dry finish, Surface Monkey metal sealer for a engineering style finish, or for a simple uneven artistic effect apply beeswax as a sealer.

If you prepare/clean the metal with our Aluminium Cleaner before applying the blackener.



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