Normally when preparing for a Patination, Anodising or Electroplating Aluminium, you would have to make the surface Bright, and in some cases remove Oxide and Smuts in the Metal to stop the surface from being contaminated.

Both products can be used in dipping tanks, or applied by hand, by creating a clean and bright Aluminium, you can be sure of a good finish after you have finished your final process

  • Aluminium Brightener Concentrate

    ALUMINIUM BRIGHTENER  Will Clean and brighten aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, and non-ferrous metals.  In just seconds, the industrial strength formula dissolves grease, oil stains, grime and road film.  There are 2 ways to...

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  • Aluminium Oxide and Smut Remover

    ALUMINIUM OXIDE and SMUT REMOVER (ideal for Japanese Motorcycle Engine Casings) Hand Application Ideal for removing oxides and smut that build up on Aluminium over a period of time, This product is especially useful on certain types of alloys found on...

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