Metal Cleaner 5 litre

6.70 KGS

Product Overview

 Surface Monkey Metal Cleaner is an industrial strength, low residue and fast acting degreaser. This quality product is used for the effective removal of oil, grease and wax from metal.  

Popular with both professional and amateur users, this superior metal cleaner has a wide range of application including; engines, industrial and agricultural equipment, automotive and alloy wheel cleaning.  

Surface Monkey Metal Cleaner is the preferred metal cleaning choice for cleaning and degreasing metal for as part of a metal blackening process. 

Depending on requirement, this superior degreaser can be used undiluted for heavily greased and dirty items.  

For a light grease removal by immersion or for preparing metal for a blackening process, Surface Monkey Metal Cleaner can be diluted with up to 50% distilled water.  


Surface Monkey Metal Cleaner is very easy to use and has a low environmental impact.