Anodize Sealant

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Anodize Sealant


Acidic anodising solutions produce pores in the anodised coating. These pores can absorb dyes and retain lubricants, but are also an avenue for corrosion. When lubrication properties are not critical, they are usually sealed after dyeing to increase corrosion resistance and dye retention. The image below shows how, what and why the sealer works


This is the product the commercial anodisers use, which is based on a Nickel Acetate formula. Add only 2 grams per Litre of distilled water, and heat to boil for 15-20 mins. Heated applications work better and faster than cold processes

We have sold this product for many years as part of our Anodising kits, and it works well, and does exactly as it says, its is available in 500g, or 5kg quantities


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