MetalX Nickel Strippers

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Product Overview

METALX Nickel Stripper

The only one-component, non-toxic, powdered, immersion nickel strippers on the market.  Removes NICKEL from steel, copper, brass and zinc die-cast, silver and gold.  Strip nickel without electricity or dangerous chemicals. Strips Copper by the Electro de-plating method

MetalX B-9 strips nickel from steel

MetalX B-929 strips nickel from copper, brass, zinc die-cast, Pot-metal, silver and gold, without etching the base metal.

MetalX B913 Strips from Aluminium & Pot Metal

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MetalX strippers will strip nickel at the rate of 2 thou per hour, and will strip 2.5-6 ounces of nickel per gallon of stripper solution.  Electroless nickel will strip at the same rate, providing the phosphorous content does not exceed 5%. Higher phosphorous electroless nickel will take longer to strip.

It is safe to use the B-9 formulation and its variants in INOX/ Stainless Steel and Teflon PTFE at temperature of 70 degrees Celsius? The following plastics (PP, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PS) are also safe in the B-9 formulations.  One should note that LDPE, HDPE and PVC will all soften at temps. above about 60C although they will not be attacked.  Please note that we have no experience with PS(polystyrene) although we do not expect any attack or softening up to boiling water temps. 

2.5 lbs of MetalX stripper makes 3.8 litres of stripping solution. 

Use plastic, unlined steel or stainless steel tanks

Agitation is required during stripping

Stripping tank must operate between 49°C-65°C. To prolong bath life, heating should be discontinued immediately after stripping is complete.

Stainless steel or titanium heaters must be used. No quartz or ceramic heaters.


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