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Mini Blackening Kit For Mild Steel (UK ONLY with FREE SHIPPING)

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This kit is all that you need to create the Black Patina on mild steel

First clean the metal and remove all grease, debris and mill scale using our eco friendly water based metal cleaner, once the surface is clean you can Dip the product in the conditioner if a uniformed finish is required, if this is not possible start to apply the Blackener.

Never use Acetate or Acetone to clean the surface, this can make the blackening go white.

Immerse parts in the concentrate or diluted solution 1 part mild steel blackener to 3 parts distilled water.

Wear protective Gloves, and make sure that you are working in an environment that is clean, and is a minimum of 22°c, pour the Black Oxide solution in to a container, and use a scourer to apply in small circular motions, after the first application rinse with distilled water if the effect needs to be darkened add more applications with a sponge to not remove the first coat. 

Depending on the depth of black you need, it will take between 2-6 coats.

Once you have completed the whole item, and are happy with the Black appearance rinse thoroughly, wipe it down to make sure it is dry, and apply a good layer of the beeswax, once dry (several hours later), buff and re apply a second coat, a heat gun will help smooth any high spots making sure that the wax is not wiped off 3-5 layers will give a great rust prevention.

When you blacken, you are putting the black in to the metal, not on the surface, there is a big variance in metal qualities, so the effect can differ, if you are expecting to match the black colouring to RAL Code (Hot black process supplied from metal manufacturers) , it unlikely that you will achieve that, as this is a natural process, not a painting process.

 The Instructions Kit comprises of :

250ml Metal Cleaner

250ml Mild steel conditioner

250ml Black Oxide

250grams of Black Beeswax

3 Abrasive Cloths

2 sponges 

This should do 1 sq metres plus

These figure are not set in stone, as previously mentioned the quality of the metal and the number of coats needed, will effect the consumption 

Variations of the kit are a available please contact or call 0330 400 8855








(No reviews yet) Write a Review