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Over the past 22 years (started trading in 1991) Caswell Inc. has developed a really good system of plating for the smaller workshop!  We have been open since 1998 in the UK and for the last 22 years in the USA.  We have become a leader in this field because the kits are of a practical size to plate small parts on vehicles.  They come complete, and have a superb operating manual that takes you from start to finish.  We have avoided 'chemistry jargon' like the plague, and the kits come with the ingredients pre-weighed, all you have to do is add distilled water! Where required they all work using 6 or 12-volt batteries, rectifiers or chargers & assemble easily using a few items usually found in any workshop or the hardware store.


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We sell to the hobbyist, car & motorcycle restorer, antique gramophone & telephone restorer, prototype workshops, schools, gun repair shops and model toy collectors/ restorers as well as small "commercial enterprises". We now sell to the Boat enthusiast and Marine restorer.  We can even customise a kit for you; just let us know what you are trying to do! You will be able to plate or use the items as well as commercial platers and restorers  because we basically use the same procedures and chemicals (except cyanide).








Now providing the DuraCoat gun finishing system.




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Krylon Fusion

Hi, I thought Iíd drop you a line to let you know how I got on with spraying the clock housing on my Moto Guzzi with Krylon Fusion. The housing was chrome plastic and, following jeepís advice, I just rubbed the surface down with some medium wire wool to provide a key and wiped it over with isopropyl alcohol to remove grease etc. Before spraying it looked like this:

As you can see, it looks a bit cheap and nasty. After, four light-ish coats of Krylon Flat Black it looked like this:

Much more pleasing to the eye and a really smooth finish, too! Itís an (almost) perfect match to the matt black finish on the bikeís headlight. Itís great to use a product which delivers on its promises for a change; a new black clock housing from Moto Guzzi would have cost me about £60 - this job cost less than £25 and Iíve got at least half a can left if I need to touch the housing up in the future. If you can bring the cost of postage down, Krylon would be even better value for money, but itís pretty good as it stands! 

Many thanks. Phil                                        (postage = carrier charge for aerosols. Ed.)


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The actual cost of using our products is minuscule compared to commercial costs and most customers tell us they get their investment back after plating or restoring only 5 or 6 items!  Most of our chemicals are not regulated or classed as "hazardous" and most of them last for years, so you DO NOT have a disposal problem.  If you decide to stop plating, most council waste stations will take these minimal amounts free of charge.



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